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Aquastone is a professional graphic arts company that respects tradition and seamlessly evolves with the latest technology.
With continuous training and more than ten years of professional experience, Aquastone knows what it takes to succeed. From monograph to multi-page layout, graphics are rigorously optimized through pre-media for astonishing quality. Every approved and published piece is treated like artwork, because of our seven-step process brought to near perfection.

What makes Aquastone distinct is our original style of custom graphic arts and printing. Aquastone pride itself in being collaborative, responsive, intelligent, reliable, business savvy, having creative vision, and a great find for small businesses.

Aquastone's patron list consists of hardworking small and large businesses.


Hartford Design District
1477 Park Street, Suite 8
Hartford, CT 06106
Ph. (860) 206-4935
Hours M-F 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
(By Appointment Only) (Observing US Holidays)

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers) Available Government Fast pay Available
We offer 2%Off/15 on a Net 30 An Equal Opportunity Employer

Social Economic:
Total Small Minority Owned Business
DAS- SBE/MBE CT Certified
DOT- CT DBE Certified
SAM- Active

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Cross-promotion is a form of advertising that involves two or more parties. It is a good way to have other people help you promote your music or product. Each party helps to promote the other party's product or service. A good example of an effective cross- promotion campaign is Visa. They mention a store or product line in their commercials - let's say it's, for example. Their commercials will promote everything that you can buy on Then their ads will promote the Visa credit card in some way.  In turn, will recommend that their customers use their Visa cards to make any purchases from the web site. There will probably also be ads, and maybe even credit applications.

Aquastone is looking to cross-promote with companies within the state of Connecticut. Aquastone can be a valuable asset for business-to-business target audiences. Event coordinators and marketing managers are encouraged to contact us for any up-and-coming opportunities.

Feel free to contact us to negotiate partnership possibilities and learn how Aquastone can help your business grow. > Email Us


Aquastone provides a comprehensive graphic design and deployment service. Our diversely qualified team develops solutions for all areas of corporate graphic design services including logos, branding themes, annual reports, promotional material, displays, web sites and more. We look forward to educating new businesses and creating an efficient work flow with quality services for all. View samples of our graphic arts solutions.


Aquastone Graphics has served and benefited the Greater Hartford community with pride. As a growing community member in Hartford County, you can save money by being active members in the same nonprofit organizations we support. Attending the public speaking engagements that we often participate in is a great way to gain the latest knowledge about your market and the world of Brand Management.


Legalities - Client Service Efficiency (P-Kibs)

Knowledge Intensive Business Services, commonly known as KIBS, are services and business operations which are heavily reliant on professional knowledge. They are mainly concerned with providing knowledge-intensive support for the business processes of other organizations. As a result, their employment structures are heavily weighted towards scientists, engineers, and other experts. It is common to distinguish between T-KIBS, those with high use of scientific and technological knowledge (R&D services, engineering services, computer services, etc.), and P-KIBS, which are more traditional professional services (legal, accountancy, and many management consultancy and marketing services). These services either supply products that are primary sources of information and knowledge themselves, or use their specialized knowledge to produce services which facilitate the activities of their clients. Consequently, KIBS usually have other businesses as their main clients, though the public sector and sometimes volunteer organizations can be important customers. To some extent, households will feature as consumers of legal and accountancy services for instance. Terms and Conditions