A short consultation with Aquastone will provide critical ideas on how we can customize and increase your company’s position in the marketplace. As a specialist in branding businesses, Aquastone will suggest unique ideas to set your company apart from its competition. In a 15-minute interview to develop the design brief, Aquastone reviews past attempts in marketing your business and uncovers new opportunities. Submit a Design Brief if you understand your business needs to speed up the design or print process. 


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A market review is vital to obtain new customers and keep their loyalty. We will go through a series of questions about your company’s potential customer markets, public relations profile, etc. Aquastone will then assist in developing a design brief to target new customers.


A design brief is a comprehensive written document for design projects. The person or group representing the organization will produce the information needed to create the campaign. The reporting results from the marketing measuring tools are purely motivated from the technical standpoint of brand results, and data are represented in visual aids for the client to analyze.



Aquastone’s design group creates visually meaningful messages, packaging, and promotional materials across multiple segments in daily life. The creative expression of your company’s strategy (the design) forms the emotional connection that turns your shoppers into loyal buyers. The correct color scheme can draw the audience to the product, and the layout grid, and font, amongst other design choices, can connect with the customer. Aquastone creates a brand distinction on the same level as your competition.


As your brands grow and mature, it requires professional design and additional services that your company can benefit. Aquastone does compelling work in photography, creative retouching, page layout, and large format. Our digital services are nothing short of the best in the market. We can provide UX/UI web services like social media postings to keep project deliverables right and on time.


  1. Grids / Research
  2. Photo Study
  3. Word Styling
  4. Photo / Text Merge
  5. Color / Edit
  6. Design Review, Revisions, and Approvals
  7. QC and Deployment



We understand the intricacies of print media and make it easy for you. Corporate clients to small business owners benefit from Aquastone’s multiple years of experience in Commercial Print. Brand management keeps the client worry-free and only focused on approvals. Reordering and making adjustments before deployment is just an e-mail or text away.


It is required for the client to apply a deposit on the first billing cycle. The deposit will be held until the end of the project and applied to the final balance. No interest will incur before the agreed finish date. Discontinued service deposits would be refunded less any amounts due to the agency.


“Kill fees” are generally paid to designers, photographers, illustrators, and writers for discontinued projects after work has started. The artist is in constant demand, and accepting one project often means turning other work away. If unlimited use of the final project is needed, you will have to negotiate and pay for it.


Suppose you represent a corporation, institution, advertising agency, investor, public relations firm, or an individual in need of graphic design. In that case, these services are available when you work with Aquastone Graphic Arts and Print.

Tracking all projects is easy with project management methodologies because it allows total access to brand assets. Gantt Charts, automated actions, blogs, mobile access, calendars, workspaces, and task lists are just the icing on the cake.

Working to accomplish milestones together will open up new and improved ideas for the way you do business. Whether it is a vast campaign or merely introducing a new product, Strategy, Creative & Execution is a three-step process we stand by. It adds value to your brand marketing. Brand management fits any workflow and approval protocol; it sets us apart from your traditional design firm.

We all know that raising money is no easy task, so you would need a design agency that can help you keep costs down and still deliver your message effectively. Business Standards, Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Rules of Engagement are all standard practices at Aquastone. Everyone deserves good graphic services, whatever the budget or criteria, so that is why there are unique benefits for non-profit 501c3 at Aquastone; it is part of our mission.

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Government agencies can save time by calling us when projects arise. Once you’ve registered with Aquastone as an agency, any project manager can order, reorder or request a quote. If there are any documents needed on our part you can either download them or make a request via email: Save 5% by paying within 15 days of invoice. Take a look at our Capability Statement.

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