As a full-service brand management consulting firm, we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs in marketing. Our services are designed specifically to help c-level executives, government, non-profits, and small businesses. Utilizing over a decade of industry experience and functional graphic art and print expertise, Brand Management Consulting goes beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results, and help grow your business.


A short consultation with Aquastone will provide critical ideas on how we can customize and increase your company position in the marketplace. As a specialist in branding businesses, Aquastone will suggest unique ideas on how to set your company apart from its competition. In the 30 minute interview, Aquastone reviews past attempts in marketing your business and uncovers new opportunities.

A marketing review is next in obtaining new customers and developing their loyalty. Together we will go through a series of questions about your company’s marketing commitment, customers, markets, public relations, and more. Aquastone will then assist in the development of a design brief.

A design brief is a comprehensive, written document for a design project developed together by a person representing the business, need for design and the designer. The material is on the desired results of design – not aesthetics. Aquastone will assist with the design brief and set milestones and deadline dates.


The creative expression of the strategy – the design – forms the emotional connection that turns your shoppers into loyal buyers. Today, to create a real competitive distinction, you must match marketing goals in this arena. Aquastone’s strategic design group creates visually meaningful messages with graphic arts across multiple brand audiences, in packaging and promotional materials, and throughout daily life.


Aquastone does compelling work in photography, creative retouching, page layout, and large format. As your brands grow and mature, they require all these services, and we can provide them in unison with our other offerings so that you benefit from added brand appearance. This process is brand management.

1.  Grids / Research
2.  Photo Study
3.  Word Styling
4.  Photo / Text Merge
5.  Color / Edit
6.  Design Review, Revisions, and Approvals
7.  QC and Deployment


We understand the complexities in print media and make it easy for you. Corporate clients and small business owners benefit from Aquastone’s multiple years of experience in the print production world so that you can focus only on approvals in brand management. Reordering and making adjustments before deployment is just a click, e-mail, or fax away.

It is required to apply the deposit to the first progress billing (making it essentially a prepayment of phase 1).  The deposit will be held until the end of the project and applied to the final invoice. No interest will incur. If the service discontinued, the deposit would be refunded less any amounts due to the designer.

You should also be aware that photographers, illustrators, and writers are generally paid a “kill fee” if a project discontinued after work has started. The artist is in constant demand, and accepting one project often means turning other work away. If you want unlimited use, you will have to negotiate and pay for it.


Small Businesses, C-Level & Marketing Decision-Makers

A CLIENT’S GUIDE TO DESIGN: HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THE PROCESS. If you represent a corporation, institution, advertising agency, investor or public relations firm, or if you are an individual in need of graphic design, you have found what you need. Welcome.

Ad Agencies: Tracking all projects is made easy with Brand Management Sites because it allows total access to your clients’ brand assets in confidentiality. Gantt Charts, automated actions, blogs, mobile access, calendars, work-spaces, and task lists are just the icing on the cake. Start A Project

For-Profit: Working to accomplish milestones together will open up new and improved ideas to the way you do business. Whether it is a vast campaign or merely introducing a new product, Strategy, Creative & Execution is a three-step process we stand by, adding value to your brand assets. Aquastone Graphics Brand Management fits any workflow and approval protocol; it is what sets us apart from your traditional design firm. Start A Project

Non-Profit: We all know that raising money is no easy task, so you would need a partner that can help you keep costs down and still deliver your message effectively with Business Standards, Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Rules of Engagement. Everyone deserves good graphics services whatever the budget or criteria, so that is why there are unique benefits for non-profit 501c3 businesses in print production. Start A Project

Publishers and Printers: Feel free to contact us to negotiate partnership possibilities and discover how Aquastone can help your business grow. Start A Project