How Brand Management Works:
Brand management includes analysis and planning on how a brand is positioned in the market, which demographics the brand is targeted at, and maintaining the desired reputation of the brand.

Brand Design is the creative expression of the strategy – the design – that forms the emotional connections is what turns your shoppers into loyal buyers. Today, to create a real competitive distinction, you must match marketing goals in this arena. Aquastone’s strategic design group creates visually expressive messages employing graphic arts across multiple brand audiences – not just in packaging and promotional materials, but in your customers’ minds and daily life.

Aquastone has the ability to track the individual performance of your marketing collateral within your company’s design process visually – throughout all seven phases of the production process in a digitally secure manner. Packed with years of experience and several of the newest technology tools such as Gantt Charts, Approval and Evaluation Reports, Aquastone is an extension of your company’s graphic needs. Aquastone’s services eliminate the hassle of having to pay new hires, overhead or even making sure your company’s brand assets are on track. Optimizing efficiency overall is the way to go!


Aquastone will place ads on behalf of their clients to make your process easier. By taking responsibility for all mechanical requirements, Aquastone saves you money on advertising. We will consult with and educate clients on closing dates, the editorial calendar, placement visibility, reader profile studies, circulation, demographics and, of course, artwork. For more information on how to join our network of publications for display ad placement, please E-mail Us.

Display Ad

Placing ads could not be any easier! As your new design department and ally, Aquastone will design and place all display ads to establish consistency throughout your business campaign. You will have peace of mind knowing that this time and money-saving solution means that we take care of the details of placing your display ads. You will also avoid markup costs and above all, work with expert graphic artists directly who will protect and develop your brand assets with a simple phone call or e-mail.

Keep In Mind

  • Accurate delivery of your message and brand strategy as it develops through the design process and deployment (printing).
  • Facilitates and expands to all media with one request and keeps the continuity in your messages.
  • Offers peace of mind to conveniently keep agreed-upon delivery dates.
  • Allows transparency and accountability to all participants.

Industries Served

Business Finance
Education Career
Film / TV
Food / Beverage
Health and Wellness
Home Style
Mind and Soul
Outdoor Recreation
Partners / Parents
Plants / Animals
Politics / Society
Reading / Literature
Science / Nature
Visual Performing Arts
Writing / Publishing