Start-up Business Services

Brand Development (Logos)

Our Brand design and identity systems have proven to increase profit margins, and we’ll stand behind our work. Some things you can expect is robust campaigns, guidelines, and strategic solution with quality products to deploy.

Brand Management

The brand design services include analysis and planning on how the brand positioned in the market, which demographics targeted and maintaining the desired reputation of the brand.

Print Design

Publication design is a comprehensive and diverse area; Aquastones’ graphic designers cover everything from magazines page layouts to annual reports. Small projects like brochures, product catalogs, newsletters, and journals are welcome.

Web Design

The design brief interviewing process for websites is to gain an understanding of your marketing habits. Here’s the chance to clearly define website goals for your customers. We’re graphic designers here to listen, then fix your problem-points to regain or capture new market share.

Campaign Services

Brand Design

We produce brand applications that would alter market share. With your business characterize traits, we can position a fresh, cohesive approach to introduce essential company values for new and current markets.

Deployment (Printing)

We take pride in print. With an array of production and post-production services, applications are part of the dynamic acquisition. From business cards to wide-format, printing is easily manageable digitally in-house. Offset and 3-D printing rendered at our production houses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Kentucky or California. Project management for print production is recommended to keep brand consistency.

Web Development

The options in the digital age can be daunting. Our graphic designers tailor customized website solutions for your end-users. With your message fine-tuned, customer engagement across mobile devices could be imperative.


Positioning brand identity clearly in the market isn’t easy. Our graphic designer’s intuitive skills can evaluate current pain-points and make them work seamlessly with the current collateral.

Public Sector Services

Government Contracting

Aquastone Graphix LLC (dba), Aquastone Graphics & Print is a Connecticut-based business founded in 2006. We provide Brand Design, dynamic Web Design,  Publication Design, Printing, and Signage for government agencies and industries of all sizes.  Learn More