How do I set up a design schedule?

Schedules and Deadlines

Give your designer a detailed and realistic schedule of how you would like the project to advance. View our check list and take the following into consideration:
• Consultation (research, strategy, brief development)
• Creative (concept and design development)
• Production (artwork, printing and other production)
• Delivery

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Aquastone: Logo

Why should I make the designer aware of my budget?

Setting Up a Reasonable Budget

Providing your budget tells the designer if it’s worth his/her time initiating the design process. Aquastone get a lot of requests for logo designs from people with only $100 / $200 allocated. It’s simply not feasible for us to spend the time involved for this amount of money. We are not desktop publishers, yet we are interested in helping you developing your companies brand.

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Aquastone: Logo

How do I obtain a Communication Background?

Communication background

This includes both previous and present communication activity, such as research, advertising, direct mail, graphic design, public relations etc.

Communication task — “the message”

What’s the context of the specific message in relation to your business plans?
Include pieces of information to be shown in the designed item e.g. text, logos, images etc.

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Aquastone: Logo

How do I make a corporate profile?

The Corporate Profile

Don’t assume that people know you well. Incorrect assumptions about you can render the entire opening discussion absolutely meaningless. Provide a summary of your business along with a brief history.

Market position

A realistic evaluation of your company, service, or brand relative to your what the competition is doing.

Current situation

Explain what’s happening to bring about the need for this project. For instance, a new product launch that needs advertising.When you’re dealing with a graphic or logo design project, it’s vital to write a detailed design brief at the very beginning.

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Aquastone: Logo

How do I write a design brief?

The Design Brief

When you’re dealing with a graphic or logo design project, it’s vital to write a detailed design brief at the very beginning.

There are two main reasons for this:


  • Firstly, it ensures that you, as a business owner or in-house manager know exactly what you want to achieve from your project.
  • Second, the brief acts as a point of reference for designers, giving them key points to focus on.

This means less time — therefore less money — is spent on the result. The crux of the matter is this: The more information you provide at the beginning of the project, the more value for money you’ll receive from your graphic / logo designer.
To help get you started, I’ve set out some pointers when writing your graphic design brief. See Check List

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