Graphic Designers You May (Or May Not Yet) Know!

Graphic designers have been around for centuries. Some of them have created unbelievably recognizable items. Others are on their way to doing the same. Here are some interesting graphic designers that can (and should) turn into household names.

1.)Laura Smith: Her work has been featured in several well-known magazines and companies, including Major League Baseball and the Academy Awards. Hailing from Southern California, Smith attended the Art Center College of Design. Her angle of art is very retro, as her style is quickly recognizable. You can check out her work on her website:

2.)Milton Glaser: Now here’s a name you may know! He created the world famous I love NY sign. Some of his other logos are also well known including the DC bullet used by DC Comics.  The New York born Glaser founded his own studio in the early 1970’s and since then his work has been featured on many a well known magazine and product. As an illustrator, his has won several awards. His work has been featured in several art collections, including the Smithsonian.  His website is packed with visions of his work,

3.)Kristen Nikosey: She’s a very unique graphic designer. Influenced by several sorts of designs and impressionist paintings, her work can be seen in various books as well as some beautiful album covers. She and her husband have collaborated on many projects as can be seen on their website, Nikosey Design Studio. Samples of her own work can be found here:

4.)David Carson: This Texas born designer worked as the art director for Ray Gun Magazine. He took the popular “grunge” form and placed it into the graphic design world through its typography. He had held many other jobs including a professional surfer. He started his own company in 1995, and his work was assiociated with many big named brands including Ray Bans, NBC and Budweiser to name a few. In more recent years, he has lectured across the globe. Check out some of his work here:

Each graphic designer has their own story.  They have worked hard and deserve to be house hold names in their own right. You do not have to look far for inspiration or a spark of interest!

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