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There is an additional non-refundable fee of $225 fee waived if your company decide to continue with the project, free proposal included.


Aquastone Graphix LLC (dba), Aquastone Graphics & Print LLC, is a Connecticut-based business that was founded in 2006. We provide design, dynamic web development, and commercial print products for government agencies and business of all sizes.


  1. Submit your design brief to Aquastone and acknowledge.
  2. Acknowledge Aquastone as a bidders. (Aquastone may have further questions)
  3. Client review bids and submit a final notice to bidders.

Request For Proposals (RFP) - Client Starter Guide
This shows the process a client goes through to post a project service request with Aquastone.

  1. Fill out the project form
  2. Aquastone will provide suggestions depending on the service needed.
  3. Once you acknowledge, Aquastone will submit a gantt cart and other brand management tools.
  4. You will be notified on milestones completed.

For us to better assist you, please take these parameters into consideration:

  1. Please provide a clear statement of your objectives, with properties.
  2. Relate the objectives to overall company positioning.
  3. Indicate if and how you will measure achievement of your goals.
  4. Define, characterize and prioritize your audience.
  5. Define your budget and time frame.
  6. Explain the internal approval process.
  7. Be clear about procedural requirements (ex. If more than one bid is needed from fabricators, or if there's a minimum acceptable level of detail for design presentations).

Work For Hire

Aquastone is available for work made for hire. If your project meets all criteria explained below, work-for-hire applies. Copyrights will belong to Aquastone Graphics llc. unless the company assigns it to client. (More information about copyright is available in the AIGA publication 'Guide to Copyright' and directly from the U.S. Copyright Office at More will be discussed during consultation.

Once the project has been completed and introduced to the public, Aquastone will have the right to add the client's name to our client list and the right to enter the work into design competitions. Aquastone requests a credit line is included and granted to show and explain portions of the completed project to other companies when pitching to new businesses.

Note: The phrase 'Work-for-Hire,' comes from U.S. copyright law. It refers to original work made by an employee within the scope of his or her job, in which copyright ownership automatically belongs to the employer. However, it can also refer to original work made by an independent contractor or a design firm, in which copyright ownership might automatically belong to the client. This is only true if the work meets very specific criteria. It must be specially ordered or commissioned, and it must fall within one of nine categories:

  1. A contribution to a collective work (such as a magazine, an anthology or an encyclopedia)
  2. A work that is part of a motion picture or other audiovisual work (such as a website or multimedia project)
  3. A translation
  4. A supplement prepared as an adjunct to a work created by another author (such as a foreword, an appendix, or charts)
  5. A compilation (a new arrangement of pre-existing works, such as a catalog)
  6. An instructional text (whether it is literary, pictorial or graphic)
  7. A test
  8. Answer material for a test
  9. An atlas