Dyshann Anderson


Lead Designer / Owner

Dyshann Anderson is owner and CEO for Aquastone Graphic Arts & Print. He’s responsible for the overall operation management and growth, directing strategic business planning, project planning, budgeting, designing and art direction.

Dyshann has more than a decade of business experience working with print media and communications. Before owning Aquastone, Dyshann graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduation, Dyshann was hired as a Broadcast Designer for ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut. At ESPN, he was responsible for producing digital graphics for several sports programs.

Recently, Dyshann held a solo showing at the Pump House gallery, Hartford CT and has produced brand management for over 80 local and national businesses. As a designer, he conducts marketing audits, designs and produces campaigns to reduce business and financial risk.

In addition, Dyshann is a fine arts artist—painting in acrylic, ink, and graphite on canvas and fine papers from around the world. His subject matters are thought-provoking and supports Aquastone’s talent and clients as the company continues to grow.

Specialties: Graphic Arts, Publication Design, Web (UI/UX) Design, Illustration, Print Media Consulting