Web Maintenance Package

Avoid web accessibility (ADA) lawsuits and demand letters. The Web Maintenance Plan offers your website structure, consistency, and reliability monthly without worry.


Website Maintenance Benefits


  1. A top designer will be added to your team.
  2. Content updates, images, etc.
  3. Increase efficient usability.
  4. Provide accessibility.
  5. Decrease lawsuits and complaints.
  6. ADA & WCAG compliant.
  7. Gain online feedback.

Business Owners and Managers

Automatic Web Accessibility, ADA, & WCAG Compliance. Automatically achieve web accessibility, WCAG, and ADA compliance with access Widget leading Al technology on desktop and mobile.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are sets of rules, behaviors, code standards, and design guidelines that allow people with disabilities to use websites effectively.


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Web Maintenance Service Details

Thirty minutes of content editing and technology updates per month on the pre-existing website. Automatic Web Accessibility, ADA, & WCAG Compliance. Site production will start after Aquastone verifies receipt of content and requested files (images, video links, etc.), due one week prior. Content corrections were launched with the approval of the agreed calendar date with a Report an accessibility form, and a link.  Copywriting, content writing, editing, web development, and design services are not included in these services, and collaborative efforts are welcomed.

NOTE: Web Maintenance options: 1yr, 3yrs, 5yrs. Get 1 MONTH FREE for starting the project before the last workday of this month.


  • Section 508 COMPLIANCE
  • EN 301549 COMPLIANCE
  • Seizure Safe Profile
  • Clear flashes & reduces color
  • Vision Impaired Profile
  • Enhances website’s visuals
  • ADA Friendly Profile

Free Business Card Bundle (Save $50 value and 1000 Business Cards) 2×3.5in. Full-color, Double-sided, 14pt. Stock option with UV finish. Artwork included.

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