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About Aquastone

Connecticut’s Aquastone Graphic Arts & Print provides Brand Design, Web Design, Publication Design, and Commercial Printing in the greater Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford counties. Aquastone creates brand strategies for our clients with tradition and seamlessly evolves with the latest applications. Start-ups, Non-Profits, Public Agencies, Marketing Agencies, and Small Businesses have gained quality marketing services for over two decades.

With twenty years of professional experience and continuous training, Aquastone knows what it takes to succeed. Our optimized services are updated yearly through the design briefs process with exceptional efficiency. Our seven-step process
brings the best results to our client’s product or services through our adaptability to create any modern or traditional design style. Aquastone prides itself on being collaborative, intelligent, reliable, and professional awareness.

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Aquastone Graphic Arts & Print

20 Church Street, Mezzanine Floor

Hartford, Connecticut 06103

Monday- Friday, 9 am to 6 pm


+01 (860) 206-4935



(860) 206-4935