Full Service

Let our talented graphic artists design a professional and unique campaign for you. This offer should be discussed during your free consultation. Based on your design brief, we will lay out and typeset your print assets. We will choose images from our archive, or you may send us 1 or 2 high quality images. Uploading your assets will be managed by Aquastone so that your assets are carefully deployed - correctly. > Brand Management

Print Design

Publication design is a wide and diverse area, Aquastone covers everything from magazines, newspapers, and books to annual reports, brochures, product catalogs, newsletters, and journals. > Learn More

Brand Management

Includes analysis and planning on how a brand is positioned in the market, which demographics the brand is targeted and maintaining the desired reputation of the brand. > Learn More

Web Design

Website Development including information User Experience (UX) & User Interface design (UI), utilizing numerous content management systems(CMS) and platforms including HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc... > Learn more

Alternative Services

Production Lab (On-line Service Provider)

Manage your brand effectively and efficiently! Since there never seems to be enough time in one day, let Aquastone help you get it done effortlessly. Address your design, printing, and marketing needs all in one place. And don't forget to check out Submerge to see what's new in the world of printing and design.¨Now you can upload your own digital file(s) to be printed by Aquastone and have your assets delivered right to your door-step. Production Lab offers commercial offset printed products like Business Cards, Bookmarks, Brochures, CD Packages, Envelopes, Event Tickets, Flyers, Letterheads, Mini Menus, Notepads, Posters, Postcards, Rack-cards, Stickers and supported multiple file types.

Offset Printing Advantages
The advantages of offset printing compared to other printing methods include: Consistent high image quality. Offset printing produces sharp and clean images and types more easily than letterpress printing because the rubber blanket conforms to the texture of the printing surface therefore bringing you top of the line quality.“ Works on a wide range of printing surfaces. “ Many modern offset presses use computer-to-plate systems as opposed to the older computer-to-film work flows, further increasing quality.

Take a Workshop

Learn something new by taking a free workshop. All of our workshops ” including new hands-on workshops ” are free. They're taught by people who really know advertising products and are eager to share their knowledge with you. So count on picking up plenty of advise on how to generate twice as much revenue for companies marketing campaigns.

At a workshop, you can learn the basics of the ad specialties, commercial print media, new media and of course how to get the most out of a professional graphic artist. Find out how to create marketing strategies with was right in front of your eyes. Serious start-ups, entrepreneurs, and c-level executives will even find workshops on our powerful resources. Be sure to sign up in advance to reserve a spot. You'll have a great time and learn new skills.

Monthly Updates

Electronic Source for Design is a monthly email publication which discusses graphic art and business matters. It features insightful interviews, engaging news and expert services. Submerge encourages respectful reader feedback and seeks to inspire similar contributions to enhance and go beyond the subjects raised in this email.

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